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Welcome to Sano Online

Sano is a major European brand for premixes, milk replacers and specialties for modern animal nutrition. With growth of over 20 % per year, independent sister companies in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America and eight modern production sites, Sano is setting milestones in agriculture. The unique Sano consultation concept has been the key to success. Established in 1976, Sano now employs more than 600 staff all over the world and continues to grow. To find out more about Sano please watch our corporate film.

The Metabolic Sprint Concept for Intensive Calf Rearing with Sanolac Startino¬ģ

Calves that are intensively (i.e. ad libitum) milk-fed in their first three weeks of life not only grow faster, but also achieve qualitatively better growth through active development of the organs most important for metabolism and performance (heart, liver, pancreas, udder, etc.). This results in a young age at first calving, increased milk production, and a longer length of productive life of healthy cows.

New premium product line for high-performance breeding sows

The increasing numbers of piglets due to modern sow genetics require a higher concentration of active ingredients in the feed for high birth weights and high sow milk yield. In addition to highly available organically bound trace elements, vitamin C and L-carnitine, the new premium product line for high-performance breeding sows contains special prebiotics and the active ingredient complexes Aromisan and Fertisan. The new product SUSan Lac® especially for lactating sows also contains special probiotics.

Both new products SUSan Trag®  and SUSan Lac® optimise sow health and performance and exploit the full potential of the sow herd. 


Save on expensive protein feed

With Mipro T 350®, Mipro M 500® and Mipro HP 600®, Sano offers easy-to-dose supplementary feeds which supply the dairy cow with all the minerals, vitamins and trace elements she needs. Natural elemental nitrogen compounds help to save on expensive protein feeds in the ration.  Together with quickly available carbohydrates, they provide effective support for bacterial growth in the rumen. Live yeasts improve feed intake and feed conversion.

Foundation of Sano Agricultural Institute, Mero Merkur

With Mero Merkur, the Sano Agricultural Institute, a leading reference farm for the whole of Europe has now come into being in Poland. Sano plans to establish a leading European farm with optimum performance in the field and stall. In the future, customers and farmers will be able to see the effectiveness of Sano nutritional concepts for themselves.

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