Swine production lectures realized in South-East Europe

Swine producers in all over Europe and as well in South-East Europe are facing currently a very challenging situation which doesn’t leave much space for optimism...

Highlights at the Agricultural Entrepreneur Days in Münster, Germany

Sano Germany presents at the Agricultural Entrepreneur Days (Agrarunternehmertage) Münster in hall north, booth B3101, from 03 to 06 of February 2015 many new products.

Celebration of 20th anniversary of Sano Hungary

In December 2014, Sano Hungary celebrated together with its customers and colleagues its successful 20th anniversary of existing and providing modern animal nutrition concepts and consulting to the Hungarian animal production sector.


EuroTier 2014

Sano draws a very positive finish of the EuroTier 2014. Guests from “A” like Australia to “Z” like Zimbabwe visited the booth. Sano was represented on the EuroTier with an international team of over 70 people.




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