Celebration of 20th anniversary of Sano Hungary

In December 2014, Sano Hungary celebrated together with its customers and colleagues its successful 20th anniversary of existing and providing modern animal nutrition concepts and consulting to the Hungarian animal production sector.


EuroTier 2014

Sano draws a very positive finish of the EuroTier 2014. Guests from “A” like Australia to “Z” like Zimbabwe visited the booth. Sano was represented on the EuroTier with an international team of over 70 people.

Sano Croatia wins „Best Buy Award“ medal in agriculture survey

This month Sano Croatia was rewarded with the in Croatia popular „Best Buy Award“ medal for reaching the first place in the category: manufacturer of feed supplements for livestock.

New corporate Sano website designed for customer friendly use across a wide range of devices

Sano now proudly presents to all modern animal nutrition enthusiastic people it’s new and recently launched international website.




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