New corporate Sano website designed for customer friendly use across a wide range of devices

Sano now proudly presents to all modern animal nutrition enthusiastic people it’s new and recently launched international website.

Sano at EuroTier 2014!

Every two years the worldwide animal production supporters look towards Hanover. Again this year from 11th to 14th of November 2014, the EuroTier takes place in Germany.

International Sano Dairy Symposium with Prof. Dr. Michael Hutjens, USA

In early July, the Sano dairy experts met for a special workshop at the Sano headquarter. Together with the internationally renowned dairy extension specialist Prof. Dr. Michael Hutjens, University of Illinois, the participants ...

Sano participation on 13th edition of INTERAGRO in Bijeljina

During September the 13th edition of the famous international agricultural trade fair “INTERAGRO 2014” took place in Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska. The market leader Sano exhibited on its exhibition stand its new products which were the center of attention for a great number of...




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